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In addition to his prolific contributions as a composer, Earle Hagen is the author of the definitive texts on music in film and television.  These books, born out of the famed BMI Earle Hagen Workshop for Film Scoring in the meantime have become required reading at every university and conservatory where musical composition for the cinema is taught.  They are invaluable aids for any serious composer wishing to write music for large or small screen.

“Scoring for Films” was published in 1971, and enjoyed phenomenal success. As technology influenced the world of film more and more, Earle Hagen felt it appropriate to reflect these important changes, and wrote “Advanced Techniques for Films” in 1990.   Like its predecessor, it has enjoyed enduring success. Not only musts for students of the subject, these books hold the highest status among  Earle Hagen's Hollywood peers as well.  

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In 2002 Earle Hagen published his long-awaited autobiography, “Memories of a Famous Composer - Nobody Ever Heard Of.”  The whole fascinating story is there, told with Earle Hagen's inimitable wit and charm.

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Scoring For Films

Advanced Techniques

Memories of a Famous
Composer Nobody Ever Heard Of